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October 2023

Oct Event Listings

ℹ️ Number of events (excluding conferences): 5

(In-Person) Tech Gateway presents 'Big Boost Mondays' Dublin @ KPMG 🇮🇪 tech New
When: Mon Oct 2, 2023 (17:00) - Mon Oct 2, 2023 (19:30)
(In-Person) Casual Indie Hackers Coffee Chat 🇮🇪 tech
When: Sat Oct 7, 2023 (12:00) - Sat Oct 7, 2023 (14:30)
(In-Person) #HackTheHub Autumn Hackathon 2023 - Belfast 🇬🇧 tech
When: Sat Oct 14, 2023 (09:00) - Sat Oct 14, 2023 (21:30)

Diversity events this month

(Online) TechFoundHer Bookclub: Building Moonshots with author Tamara Carleton 🇮🇪 diversity
When: Mon Oct 2, 2023 (18:00) - Mon Oct 2, 2023 (20:30)

Everyone is welcome to our October Bookclub. The only rule is to have ideally read or listened to the book in advance! And of course come with an open mind ready to be inspired!

So exciting that the author herself Tamara Carleton will host the event so there will be an opportunity to hear about her background and motivation for writing the book and to of course to meet others from the TechFoundHer Community!

(Online) Ladies that UX Belfast: Discover Design Operations 🇬🇧 diversity
When: Tue Oct 10, 2023 (18:00) - Tue Oct 10, 2023 (19:30)

Discover Design Operations: Scaling Creativity, Implementing Systems and Unleashing the Power of Cohesive Design.

At this in-person meet-up in the Belfast Deloite office, we have 3 distinguished speakers